About Me


Ah this is the page that is most difficult to fill: name, rank, serial number, and all that.

I’m Steven Lloyd Wilson, and this is my webpage. I go by all three names at the risk of sounding utterly pretentious for some very rational reasons. First, Lloyd is my father’s name, and it’s quite a good name. Second, every public figure who goes by their full name with a middle name of Lloyd is rather brilliant. Andrew Lloyd Webber, Frank Lloyd Wright. Okay, those are the only examples I can think of, and I don’t much care about them other than the fact that they share my middle name. Finally, and perhaps most saliently to the act of publishing, the name “Steven Wilson” is common enough that there are already others publishing under that name in various fields. While I am sure they are delightful and talented individuals, I decided I needed to be slightly more distinct. So full name it is.

Among other roles, I am a researcher, professor, political scientist, programmer, journalist, and passionate believer in the Oxford comma. But that sort of description is frustrating, feeling more like the Wikipedia pages of reality television stars who claim in their fifteen minutes of fame that they are a singer, songwriter, actor, producer, etc.

I’m a writer. I’ve filled notebooks since before my age hit double digits, and I expect to be doing so after it hits triple digits. There’s a wonderful line from one of Terry Pratchett’s novels in which a particularly incompetent wizard points out that there is a difference between what you are and what you do. That list in the last paragraph is a selection of the things that I do, but they revolve around the central fact of what I am.

Click “Research” up above if you’d like some more details about the sorts of actual work I do, click “Writing” to see details about the work I really like to do, click “Home” to get back to the content I post in this space, and click “About Me” if you enjoy infinite loops.

Best, SLW

P.S. And I can’t find a way to add a footer to this bloody thing, so I figure this is the best space to note that the quote in the header is from a different Terry Pratchett novel.